The debt crisis, and how the media has blown the story

One of my favorite blogs is written by former IMF chief economist Simon Johnson (now teaching at MIT) and his co-conspirator James Kwak. They are nothing short of brilliant and Kwak’s post from this week about our nation’s long term debt is clear and more informative than anything else I have recently seen. The prospect is not good in the long run but it is nowhere near as bad as the media-hype around it and it can be fixed. Just not with the policies pushed by the GOP leadership and Blue Dog Democrats. Smart economists who can write in normal English are rare. Read this post, please:


About Jim Marzilli

Jim Marzilli combines expertise in economic, energy and environmental policy with a deep understanding of public policy and politics. He has strong political campaign, organizing, networking, media and communication skills. He played a unique role for eighteen years as an elected official in state government, working nationally and internationally with sub-national and national governments, NGOs and businesses. He left state government in 2008 and went to Iraq to work on a democracy building program. He spent the winters of 2013 and 2014 working in Burma/Myanmar with people who are trying to expand democracy in their country.
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