On to Ontario

A great day traveling is priceless. I had such a day today, awaking in the warm gray weather of the Ontario lakes district after a long awaited overnight rain. The mid 70 degree temps were a welcome relief from the oppressive heat that has been following me across the continent for the past two months. Sure, cell phone coverage sucks and the internet is more a concept than a reality.

This morning I left my modest motel on a beautiful lake and drove towards Lake Ontario. I drove with the windows down and tasted different scents every few hundred yards. Barns were standing despite the laws of physics. Deep blue lakes rolled up to the edge of the skinny highway lined by pine trees that all bent in the same direction, with the centuries long prevailing winds. A bear cub bounced across the road in front of me. A bear. Really.

I arrived in Parry Sound at lunch time and had a lovely pickerel/walleye sandwich while overlooking the harbor. It was all too nice so I decided to stay for the night. WTF, I do not have a schedule so I booked a room, and then a cruise on Georgian Bay.

Parry Sound is a sweet town on Lake Ontario’s Georgian Bay, with 30,000 islands and a deep water port. The water is pure and sweet. Locals say that you can do four things with the lakes: swim, drink, boat or fish them. Houses dot the coasts, including multi million dollar places on the islands and they draw their water straight from the pure lake.

It was an unexpectedly beautiful cruise with pure blue skies. I was lucky that the two hour cruise happened during a music fest and my big boat had a killer band from Cape Bretton, sharp tunes for a lovely tour of the waters. I spent time with an extraordinary family from Mexico City, an actress/singer and her daughter, an international human rights lawyer. Life is great when you let it happen and not try to control it.


About Jim Marzilli

Jim Marzilli combines expertise in economic, energy and environmental policy with a deep understanding of public policy and politics. He has strong political campaign, organizing, networking, media and communication skills. He played a unique role for eighteen years as an elected official in state government, working nationally and internationally with sub-national and national governments, NGOs and businesses. He left state government in 2008 and went to Iraq to work on a democracy building program. He spent the winters of 2013 and 2014 working in Burma/Myanmar with people who are trying to expand democracy in their country.
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